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Sign language is a form of communication that incorporates visual and manual elements to enable communication for deaf and speech-impaired people. Though some sign languages share similarities, they are not universal. There are over 140 sign languages throughout the world - including British (BSL), American (ASL), French and Japanese sign languages - and each is an official natural language with its own grammar and lexicon.

Sign languages develop wherever communities of deaf people exist, and they provide an important communication bridge between them and their friends, families and children.

Learning sign language is a great way to show your commitment to communicating with new people, get a job in interpreting and develop your own non-verbal communication skills.

On Eurekly, you can access a sign language tutor for personalized lessons at every level. Whether it’s ASL, BSL, AUSLAN or another national sign language, improve and accelerate your learning with sign language classes on Eurekly.

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Learn sign language: American Sign Language (ASL) lessons online

American Sign Language is a fully-fledged natural language used for non-verbal communication throughout the United States and Canada. ASL is derived from French Sign Language, and is now the fourth-most common language in the United States.

There are thousands apps, games and videos to help you learn ASL online. But at Eurekly, we believe the best way to learn is with a professional ASL tutor. Our sign language tutors will personalize a learning program for your needs and goals.

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Learn sign language: British Sign Language (BSL)

British Sign Language is part of the BANZSL (British, Australian and New Zealand Sign Language) family. It’s used throughout these countries and in South Africa, Papua New Guinea and Northern Ireland. Though English is the official language in all these countries, BSL is unrelated to ASL and shares only 31% of its signs with it.

If you want to learn BSL, our tutors will create personalized sign language lessons to help you start learning or take your skills to the next level.

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Learn sign language: Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN)

Sign language first came to Australia with immigrants from Britain. The first known signer was a deaf engraver from Edinburgh who arrived in 1825 after learning BSL at school.

Today, AUSLAN is used by over 10,000 people, making communication possible for deaf and speech-impaired people throughout the country.

Learn AUSLAN online more effectively with the support of a professional sign language tutor. Find the right tutor for you and try them out with a free trial lesson on Eurekly today!

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