Terms and Conditions of Scholarship

Three scholarships totalling $3000 USD will be awarded at the end of the competition, in first, second and third place (hereinafter referred to as, ‘the awards’). The total scholarship amount will be shared as follows: 1st place to receive $1500, 2nd place to receive $1000 and 3rd place to receive $500.

Awards will be transferred in full to the personal account of the winning applicants for the express purpose of furthering their education. The prize will be paid out within 30 days of the list of winners being published.

Applicantsmust be 16 years of age or older and must be currently enrolled in a secondary or tertiary institution.

Winning applicants must provide proof that they are currently enrolled in a secondary or tertiary institution to be eligible to receive their scholarship. Failure to do so within seven days of contact from Eurekly management will render their application void and they will be in-eligible to receive their scholarship. Their corresponding prize will be forfeited in full.

Any submissions made before, or after the promotion period will not be accepted and the applicants will not be eligible to take part in the competition.

In the event that any of the recipients of the scholarship do not respond to messages sent to them by Eurekly management within seven days of contact via the contact details provided, they will be in-eligible to receive their scholarship, and their corresponding prize will be forfeited in full.

Only one entry per applicant is permitted. Entering more than one essay by an applicant will render that applicant un-eligible to win a Eurekly scholarship.

By participating in this competition, applicant’s agree that they must conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful and lawful in all respects. Prohibited actions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Defaming, insulting, intimidating, stalking, abusing or threatening any other applicants
  • Upload any material or essay that is not your own work, plagiarise any other works or infringe on the intellectual property rights of others
  • Upload any material to Eurekly servers that contains viruses, malware, or illegal/malicious/obscene information
  • Attempt to manipulate the competition for personal benefit or to act in a way that could be considered spamming.

By entering the competition, Applicant’s accept that Eurekly will, if legitimately requested by Governing legal bodies disclose any information to comply with local and international laws.

The Competition is subject to all applicable New Zealand laws. Applicants agree that entry into the Competition represents full and unconditional agreement to Eurekly’s Terms and Conditions and Eurekly’s decision is final and binding in all matters relating to the competition.

Applicants agree that any submitted essay immediately becomes the property of the Sponser, and that the Sponser may publish, repurpose, use, adopt or modify the essay in any way at itssole description, without notice, in perpetuity and without remuneration.

Contact Us
In the event that any Applicant requires more information regarding the competition then they can reach out to Eurekly management by emailing us atinfo@eurekly.com