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Learn Russian online to broaden your horizons from home

Russian is an official United Nations language, and is spoken in many countries throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Learning Russian will give you a competitive edge on the job market and provide insight into Russia’s fascinating history and culture.

On Eurekly, you can access a Russian tutor online for lessons at every level, at any time. Whether it’s greetings, grammar or preparing for that language test, improve and accelerate your learning with Russian tutoring on Eurekly.

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Learn Russian: Beginner level

There are thousands of ways to learn Russian - with apps, games, ebooks and videos - but at Eurekly, we believe the best way to learn is with a tutor and tailored lessons.

Our professional online Russian tutors will personalise a learning program for your needs and goals.

Russian alphabet and numbers (Cyrillic)
Russian language form and function
Addresses, names and places
Questions and answers for daily life
Transportation and travel
Food and drinks
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Learn Russian: Intermediate level

Pick up your learning exactly where you left off with Russian lessons online on Eurekly. Our friendly tutors will teach you small talk and new descriptive skills to take your Russian to the next level.

Russian small talk
Dining out and ordering
Descriptive skills: prepositions and adjectives
Instructions, explanations and opinions
Russian vocabulary building
Looking for work

Learn Russian: Advanced level

Mastering the Russian language can open the door to new experiences and professional opportunities. While the number of English speakers in Russia is rising, learning Russian is key to travelling independently on these roads less travelled.

Find an advanced Russian tutor on Eurekly today to reach your fluency goals faster.

Russian grammar
Techniques for language tests
Advanced vocabulary building

Learn Business Russian

Russian-speaking professionals are highly sought after for international business and diplomacy roles. Connect with an expert business Russian tutor to bring your second language to the workplace.

Legal matters
Trade and commodities
Government and regulatory
Marketing and advertising

Russian tutoring resources

Lay the foundations for learning Russian online or broaden your horizons with these Russian tutoring resources.