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Math can be challenging, or not challenging enough, Eurekly tutoring personalizes math programs to suit the student's needs. Put an end to math frustration!

At Eurekly, personalized learning is tailored for every age and grade level, from grade 1 to grade 12 right through to College. Every student learns differently at his or her own pace. With Eurekly's tutor, no student is left behind!

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Elementary School Math Tutoring

At Eurekly, we believe learning should be fun not frustrating. Our elementary school math tutors provide personalized comprehensive learning that will engage your child making math fun. Our professional math tutors will assess your child's skill level and personalize an elementary math tutoring program for your child's needs.

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Addition and Subtraction
Fractions and Decimals
Multiplication and Division
Representing and Ordering Numbers

High School Math Tutoring

With our personalized math tutoring programs, students will build new skills and problem solving techniques for high school challenges. Eurekly high school tutors help students with academic and cognitive skills to build confidence so they are motivated to learn inside the classroom.

  • Grade 9 Math Tutoring
  • Grade 10 Math Tutoring
  • Grade 11 Math Tutoring
  • Grade 12 Math Tutoring
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SAT Preparation
Functions and Relations

College Math Tutoring

Take advantage of our tailored college math tutoring programs! Let us assist in your progress in your chosen field of endeavor: Science, Humanities or Business. Eurekly college tutors can help you achieve academic excellence inside and outside of the classroom. Confidence comes from knowledge!

Linear Algebra
Partial Differential Equations
Differential Equations

Math Tutoring Resources

Learning math is easy when you have a proper foundation to a build from. Whether its timetables, algebra or calculus seeing kids and students learning while building confidence with their personal math tutor to help them get there. Check out these Eurekly Learning resources below.

Early Learning

Tips & Activities To Improve Your Child’s Active Listening Skills

High School

Get ready for the next stage in life: College or the work world.


Focus on the math that suits your focus: Science, Humanities or Business.

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