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The Chinese languages together are the world’s most widely spoken, and with over 900 million native speakers, Mandarin is the most spoken in China by far. Learning Mandarin Chinese offers a range of opportunities for personal growth and professional development, as well as a unique insight into one of the oldest and richest cultures in the world.

On Eurekly, you can access personalised Mandarin lessons lessons at every level, from beginner to advanced and everything in between. Whether you want to learn basic greetings and grammar for travel or advanced business Chinese for work, improve and accelerate your learning with Mandarin tutoring on Eurekly.

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Learn Mandarin: Beginner level

There are thousands of ways to learn Mandarin online - with apps, games, ebooks and videos - but at Eurekly, we believe the best way to learn Mandarin Chinese is with a tutor and tailored lessons.

Start your journey the right way for a faster road to fluency: learn Mandarin online with Eurekly. Our professional online Mandarin tutors will personalise a learning program for your needs and goals.

Mandarin alphabet and numbers
Mandarin language form and function
Mandarin phrases
Addresses, names and places
Questions and answers for daily life
Food and drinks
Transportation and travel
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Learn Mandarin: Intermediate level

Pick up your learning exactly where you left off with Mandarin lessons online on Eurekly. Our friendly tutors will create personalised lessons to help you take your Mandarin knowledge to the next level with vocabulary building, small talk and new descriptive skills.

Dining out and ordering
Mandarin small talk
Descriptive skills: prepositions and adjectives
Instructions, explanations and opinions
Mandarin vocabulary building
Looking for work

Learn Mandarin: Advanced level

We believe learning Mandarin is more effective and fun when lessons are tailored to support, challenge and inspire you.

Join thousands of CEOs and entrepreneurs standing out to business leaders one of the world’s biggest economies: connect with an expert online Mandarin tutor today for a faster road to fluency.

Mandarin grammar
Techniques for language tests
Advanced vocabulary building

Learn Business Mandarin

Connect with an expert business Mandarin tutor to bring your second language skills to the workplace.

Legal matters
Trade and commodities
Government and regulatory
Marketing and advertising

Mandarin tutoring resources

Lay the foundations for learning Mandarin online or broaden your horizons with these Mandarin tutoring resources.