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Drawing is a fundamental creative skill, but it’s about far more than putting pencil to paper. Drawing helps you develop a range of important and transferable skills like mental focus, dexterity, creative thinking and self-expression.

Help with drawing homework or with mastering that new style is just a click away with our expert tutors available on demand, offering personalized lessons tailored to your learning style and goals.

Whether you’re stuck on a core skill for your portfolio or you just want to learn new drawing techniques, improve and accelerate your learning with drawing tutorials online on Eurekly.

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Basic drawing lessons

Grades at high school determine the career choices a young person has when they graduate. Building confidence in the classroom or studio can help students cope with stress and feel great about their work. When every drawing lesson brings new techniques and materials to master, many students need tutoring or step-by-step guidance to produce work that they’re proud of.

At Eurekly, we believe you’ll learn better and faster with a tutor and tailored drawing lessons online. Whether it’s after school, on the weekend or the day before your work is due, our professional drawing tutors are available to personalize a learning program for your needs and goals.

Basic shapes
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Line art drawing
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Advanced drawing lessons

Taking drawing classes online can be the difference between a plain and a professional portfolio. Connect with an expert online drawing tutor today to create your best work tomorrow.

Still life drawing
Caricature drawing
Fashion illustration
Drawing with pastels
and oil pastels
Chiaroscuro drawing
Blind contour drawing
Learn to draw anime
Drawing manga
and comic
book imagery

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You don’t need to be a student to want to learn drawing techniques, and you don’t need a fine arts tutor do it! Learn drawing fundamentals online today or take your skills to the next level with a drawing tutor online.

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Drawing tutoring resources

Lay the foundations for your skill-building or broaden your horizons with these drawing tutoring resources.