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Computer science is a field for the future. Careers in this field can be lucrative, and demand for the problem-solving and technical skills that it requires is growing fast. Computer science students go on to develop technological solutions to complex and important problems in the business, scientific and social worlds.

Keeping up with technical and scientific concepts can be hard enough without the challenges of homework and tests. When that assignment is due tomorrow, you need help here and now.

That’s where Eurekly’s online computer science tutoring services come in. Help is just a click away with our expert tutors available on demand, offering lessons tailored to your needs and goals.

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Computer science fundamentals

When every lesson presents new and challenging concepts, many students need a helping hand with study and homework. At Eurekly, we believe you learn better and faster with a tutor and lessons tailored to your learning style and interests.

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Introduction to computer
to Python
Programming languages
Introduction to procedures
Managing data
Responding to queries
Introduction to building
web applications
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University or college level computer science tutorials

College computer science challenges you to think both analytically and creatively. Connect with an expert tutor on Eurekly to stay on top of your work and strengthen your skill set.

Design and analysis of algorithms
Data structures
Software development
Machine learning and data science
Digital electronics
Programming - c++/java/python
Discrete mathematical structures
Operating systems
Database management systems
System architecture
Probability statistics and numerical techniques
Microprocessor and microcontrollers
Theory of computation
Artificial intelligence
Compiler design
Software engineering
System software

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Find a tutor to help you develop useful new skills. From high school-level techniques to advanced data science, online tutoring is a convenient and affordable way to learn.

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Computer science
tutoring resources

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