Things you need to know before starting your degree

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      Entering the world of University is an exciting time, with a lot of lessons to be learnt along the way – in and outside the classroom. Here are our handiest tips for someone about to dive into the world of study!

      Self-directed learning

      First things first, Uni is not like school. Your tutors are not going to give you the answers, they’re not going to tell you what pages to read (ok sometimes they actually do – but don’t count on it!) and whatever you decide to read or work on is what you will learn. This can be awesome because it means you get to write essays and conduct research on topics you’re really, truly interested in. It can also be detrimental because you’ve got to make yourself actually do the work.

      Writing lots of essays

      No matter what you study, Uni comes with a lot of writing. But it’s not all bad! Writing for Uni comes in all kinds of various forms – essays, creative writing, reflection, reports – and all of those things are easy to get the hang of if you put a little time into learning their structures.

      P.S. if you really do struggle with writing, pop over to where you’ll find the perfect tutor to get you up to speed on academic writing in no time!

      Team work can be hard work

      There’s a big pro to team work and that’s learning to work with others. There’s also a big con…working with others. Yes, there will still be someone who does nothing, someone who does the wrong thing, and someone who will never agree with you.

      Just remember that while it seems like torture, it’s growing you into a co-operative, team-playing, people-skilled machine for the future.

      Time management

      Uni seems like a dream after high school. There’s no one checking on your homework every night and you don’t have to be in class as long – sometimes only four days a week!

      It’s easy to procrastinate by ‘carpe diem’ing… Every. Single. Day. Unfortunately, before you know it you’ll be two days before a due date and WAY behind on the work. The feeling of poor time management is much worse than taking yourself to the library to study or work just a couple of hours a day!

      Take it from all the Uni students who have come before you.

      Spread the study.

      Getting tutor-time

      If you’re getting into a fairly broad or popular degree, like engineering, law or business studies, you’ll have some pretty big lecture and class sizes. Those crowds can be a BIG bonus if you don’t like being called out to answer questions but can be a nightmare when you really need something clarified and they just don’t have time.

      Usually tutors are really good about making time for everyone in tutorials, but if you find yourself struggling you can always lean on a Eurekly tutor to help you keep afloat of the Uni workload!

      Studying something you love

      You’ve probably had plenty of parents’ friends and other people tell you ‘you’d make a great lawyer’, or ‘you should get into finance, it pays SO well’.

      And while the shiny money seems like the best path to follow, if you end up hating your job or doing the degree everyone else did ‘just because’, you’re not going to actually enjoy earning all that money!

      So before you dig in to a career path you don’t really like, do some research, talk to some people, ask as many questions as you can and, lastly, think about what you truly enjoy doing and the rest should be a breeze.


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