The secrets to smashing New Year’s resolutions

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      Raise your hand if you’re guilty of setting a New Year’s resolution that you forgot about before summer finished…we see you. And we’ve all got our hands up, because it’s SO damn hard to stick to goals for yourself when work, family, day-to-day and our phones demand so much of our time.


      With that said, we bring you a fool-proof way to smash your New Year’s resolution…

      Choose a positive goal

      Make your resolution something positive – not lose weight, but get healthier and understand your body better; not stop wasting money, but learn how to invest smartly – you get the gist. Giving yourself something positive to work towards is motivating and means you’re working forwards, not in reverse.

      You could decide to learn Japanese, or get better at photography, start coding, or playing the guitar!

      Get someone else involved

      Having someone dedicated to motivating you through the process of learning, and guiding you along the way is by far the most effective way to stay on track – think of it like personal training for your brain! So this way, you don’t even have to worry about sticking to your resolution, we’ll make sure it happens.

      Learn the new definition of ‘sun smart’.

      Put our two previous tips together, add in some world-class tutors – and you’ve got the perfect recipe for resolution success – it’s called Eurekly.

      Eurekly means you can learn whatever you like from wherever you are this summer – no excuses. All that’s left to do is book a free trial class at and start soaking up the skills.

      Let’s dig in to something new…what will it be for you?


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