NZ’s most popular degrees and exciting places they can take you

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      For a bunch of fairly unique and innovative people, New Zealand’s most popular degrees remain, well, kind of vanilla. We’ll give you three seconds to guess which degrees are the most popular…..

      Alright, got it? Okay, here we go…


      The degree that some turn up their noses at – the humble Bachelor of Arts (BA). If you’re new to University lingo, a BA is not just for someone who loves painting and making unidentifiable things out of clay (that’s a Bachelor of Fine Arts).

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      The Bachelor of Arts degree has a bit of a bad rep because it’s so broad – but that’s precisely what makes it such a huge opportunity. A BA gives you the flexibility to study all the things you’re interested in, in one degree! Interested in history? Tick. Languages? Tick. Politics? Perfect. This degree means you can get creative with your career. Graduates from a Bachelor of Arts have the opportunity to become: a Government Intelligence analyst, an International Diplomat, a Game Designer, a Radio Producer, a Museum Curator and even an Archaeologist.

      Mind blown? We were too!

      The Bachelor of Arts is all about giving you a qualification with a broad base, gaining you transferrable skills that could be taken into almost any career – it’s just up to you to decide. It’s really no wonder this is New Zealand’s most popular degree.


      Maybe it’s our curious, DIY nature that makes this next degree the second most popular degree in New Zealand. What are we talking about? The Bachelor of Science. This one gets really fun.

      Image of a mason jar upside down which smoke coming out of it that represents science experiments

      A common perception of this degree is that it’ll either get you into a cushy teaching job, or have you stuck in a lab for the rest of your career. Wrong. Science these days is very much attached to the real world and its progress.

      The cool thing about science is that whatever you’re into in your personal life, chances are that there’s a field of science you’d love. Ever consider a career creating the latest and greatest in cosmetics and makeup? Have a knack for thinking up handy inventions? Maybe you’re passionate about saving the planet. A Bachelor of Science could have you doing any of these things and more.

      Some of the less obvious career pathways from a Bachelor of Science include becoming: an Aquarium Biologist, a Forensic Scientist, a Bio-economist and a Science Journalist.

      So, who loves science now!?

      Image of a book sale that represents learning everyday

      As you can see, even the most normal-sounding degrees can lead you to the most exciting places. That’s the magic of learning – it can take you anywhere. All you have to do it start.


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