Online Tutoring For Kids: Your Ultimate Guide

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      Teachers, tutors, and parents of school-aged kids are no strangers to tuition and the growing hype around its newest form: online tutoring. But what are the benefits of online tutoring for kids, and how does it work? As the competition for places at leading schools and universities intensifies, the number of parents supplementing their children’s education with tutoring grows every year.

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      So, is online tutoring for kids the best way to improve performance at school? Whether you want to know where to book online elementary tutoring or you want to know what’s in it for your child, here’s what you need to know about the advantages of online tutoring for kids.

      What is online tutoring?

      Online tutoring can take many forms, but the basic premise remains: a skilled instructor uses their knowledge on a subject to provide guidance to a student. Some services use pre-recorded lessons, but research has shown that these are less effective than the live, interactive, personal lessons – customized to each student’s needs – offered by most online tutoring services.

      Live tutoring websites offer face-to-face tutoring via video chat, with some lessons occurring onsite and some using integrated apps like Skype. These online tutoring lessons are customized to each student’s learning style, learning goals and specific challenges, and have become popular as an affordable and convenient alternative to tutoring centers.

      How does online tutoring work?

      On sites like Eurekly, you can browse tutors by subject, watch tutor introduction videos and book a free trial lesson to see if the tutor is a good match for your child. Once you find the right tutor, you need only pay securely via balance top-up, book lesson times and enter the virtual classroom on-site to connect with your tutor via video chat at the time you’ve booked.

      Five key benefits of online tutoring for kids

      From improving academic performance to boosting confidence inside and outside the classroom, online tutoring has many benefits for children.

      1. Improve academic performance

      Online tutoring is the single most effective way to help your child get better marks at school. Studies have shown that the combination of personalized support and targeted development of understandings that online tutoring programs for kids offer can strongly improve school performance.

      2. Affordable alternative to tutoring centres

      Online tutoring is, on average, 30-40% cheaper than tutoring centre lessons or home visits. An average home visit math tutoring lesson costs between $60 and $90 per hour, while an hour-long lesson with an online math tutor for kids costs between $40 and $70.

      3. Save time

      Online tutoring means you never have to drive to or from your lessons. If the average commute for school or study is 30 minutes – especially at those peak after-school times – you’ll save an hour every lesson. Cup of tea, anyone?

      4. Boost confidence at school

      Struggling at school can cause students to lose confidence, which in turn affects their performance and personal relationships. Having a tutor help them keep on top of curriculum means less stress and greater confidence at school for your child. Online tutoring for middle school students, who experience significant stress from both exams and the social pressures of adolescence, is particularly helpful in boosting confidence.

      5. More choices for you

      Online tutoring puts you in the driver seat. You choose everything from the lesson content to the tutor themself, and can take advantage of tutor introduction videos to trial lessons to find the best match for your child.

      So, the benefits of online tutoring for kids are clear. If you’re considering an online tutor for middle school or elementary students, there’s never been a better time to get started!


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