The rules of micro learning say you should study less!

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      We’ve all been there before…burning the midnight oil to get as much last-minute info crammed into our brains as humanly possible before a big test the next day. You’ll know from that experience that it doesn’t make you feel good, but it turns out that it doesn’t make you learn any better or retain information either!

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      Before you say ‘duh, obviously staying up late is bad’, it’s not just the studying late thing that we’re talking about. Studying for more than ONE HOUR at any time of day or night is detrimental to your focus and memory retention. Here’s why.

      Ready for the best thing since Google?

      Good news is coming

      The latest research in learning has brought us this wonderful thing called ‘micro learning’. What exactly is it? Let’s analogise your brain first. Think of your memory like a funnel. You’ve got to pour information into the funnel and give it time to come out the other end, into the ‘long term brain bottle’. If you pour information in too fast, most of it will spill over the top of the funnel and never make it into the bottle. If you just pour in a little at a time, everything gets safely through the funnel and into the bottle. Can you see where this is going?…

      Micro learning is about feeding your brain new information in bite sized chunks, with good breaks between learning so that each little bit of info has time to sink into your long-term memory.

      Why is micro learning so exciting?

      Before we get too excited about how awesome this micro learning thing is, we should tell you… scheduling in little bits of learning time will mean making a really solid study plan that begins WAY before you think you need to start studying. The great news is, by breaking up your study and learning time, you create gaps of free time in your day! By studying for only an hour or two a day, you’ve got a whole lot of daylight to burn doing literally ANYTHING else. Oh yeah.

      Gone are the days of the never-ending study sessions

      study about current events

      So we’ve said no longer than an hour at a time, but really around 30 minutes at a time is ideal for your attention span and memory capacity. Organising your studying into chunks of 20-30 minutes means the light at the end of the tunnel (aka snacks) is never far away!

      Shorter length sessions don’t only apply to studying, but learning too. Our Eurekly tutors have class lengths of anywhere between 20 minutes to 1 hour.

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