Making Money as an Online Math Tutor: Your Ultimate Guide (+INFOGRAPHIC)

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      Online education is a multimillion-dollar industry that is rapidly expanding. Growing demand for online lessons has led to the increasing availability of opportunities to make money as an online tutor, even for individuals who do not have education degrees. Read on to find out how you can make money by math tutoring online and profit from this lucrative industry too!

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      How can I become an online math tutor?

      If you are wondering about how to become an online math tutor, we have the answers. The first step is doing your research. There are many different websites that have different kinds of criteria, functions, and structuring for tutoring online. If you are confident that you have excellent knowledge of the subject you are going to teach, you need to decide what the right online math tutoring approach is for you.

      Once you make an account on your chosen platform, create a profile with information about yourself and your services. You will need to carefully consider the technology that you will be using to deliver your lessons and create user-friendly online classrooms, as well as the price and payment structure of your services. Advertising your services is very important to successfully recruit new students.

      The necessary qualifications

      In order to become an online math tutor, you must, of course, be an expert on math. While you do not need a math degree to teach online, you do need to possess a strong knowledge of the subject and a natural aptitude for math. Previous teaching experience is a plus, but if you feel the need to brush up on your math skills, there are many tutor training programs available online.

      While there is no official job description, other necessary skills for the job include proficiency in English, good communication and listening ability, flexibility in approach, and IT skills in order to be able to navigate online teaching platforms.

      Can I tutor math online without a degree?

      Yes, you can. There are several companies that will let you do math tutoring online without a degree. These include Eurekly, Chegg, and Yup, among others.

      The earnings of an online math tutor

      What you make as an online math tutor will depend on a number of factors, such as your expertise, the company you work with, and the level and complexity of the math you will be teaching.

      The average online tutor makes $20 to $25 per hour. As you are paid by the hour for online math tutoring, the more hours you work, the more you will earn.

      Tutors’ charges

      How much do math tutors charge? Your first clue should come from scoping out your competition. Secondly, you should consider the level you are teaching. According to a recent UK survey by EdPlace, tutors’ charges can vary widely depending on the level of math and the age of students they are teaching. However, the rate for face-to-face tutoring is the same as for tutoring online. Consider your desired annual income, annual expenses, and the number of hours you want to work each week when deciding on your pricing.

      Hourly rates

      The average hourly pay for an online math tutor in the United States is $17.52. However, there are websites where tutors earn up to $25 an hour.

      The going rate for tutoring elementary

      Elementary education is very important in order to lay solid learning foundations for high school. The rates per hour for tutoring elementary can vary, ranging from $20/hour if you are a high school student up to $75/hour for experienced K-12 educators with university degrees.

      The going rate for tutoring school children

      Just as they do for elementary tutoring, depending on their level of experience, tutors can charge middle school students $30–$55 per hour on average.

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      The going rate for tutoring high school

      High school tutoring can often be more lucrative for math tutors, as it involves prep for SATs and other qualification exams. The going rate for tutoring high school is $30 to $40 and it can go up to $85 per hour.

      High school math tutoring pricing also depends on the specific subject to be taught, with Algebra and Trigonometry being cheaper than Statistics, for example.

      Starting your own tutoring business from home

      A business plan is the first thing you need to make in order to start your own profitable tutoring business from home. Your plan should include researching the competition and developing your services and pricing accordingly.

      To successfully start your own tutoring business, you should devote a lot of time and consideration to the advertising and promotion of your business. Building a strong online presence on social media is very effective for reaching out to potential new customers.

      Starting a math tutoring business

      To start your own math tutoring business, you must first decide on the model of your business. There are two main ways to get started tutoring from home. One is to buy a tutoring franchise or business and the other, more attainable one, is to sign up to work as a contractor at one of the many available online tutoring companies.

      Whichever entry point you choose, you will need to work on developing, pricing, and marketing your tutoring service. Very crucially, you will need to obtain the tools and technology that you are going to use for your lessons and you will have to keep up-to-date with the latest teaching methods and trends.

      Do you need a license to start a tutoring business?

      No. Online tutors do not need a license to start a tutoring business. However, as with any business endeavor, anyone considering making money from teaching math online should consider registering their business in order to comply with local laws and properly declare taxes.

      Costs and expenditure

      The costs involved in starting a tutoring business depend on the structure of your business. If you need to rent space and employ other tutors, start-up costs would set you back between $5,000 and $10,000.

      Starting a tutoring business online, however, does not require much in start-up costs. Signing up to most tutoring platforms online is free and so are a lot of teaching material and resources that you can access online and which can get you started.

      Marketing yourself as an online math tutor (+INFOGRAPHIC)

      Marketing yourself as an online math tutor is very important when it comes to your professional success. Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective strategies for growth for online tutors, so you must work towards building up your service’s credibility.

      • Get a professional logo made online and use it on your business cards.
      • Carry business cards with you everywhere and make the most of your network.
      • Always ask students to provide testimonials that you will be able to use for promotional purposes on your social media and/or website.

      Alternatively, sign up for a tutoring agency, and they will deal with a lot of your marketing for you.

      Advertising your tuition classes

      You can advertise your tuition classes in many ways. Traditional approaches, like making flyers or placing a classified ad in a newspaper, are found to work very well for online tutors. However, the online environment is decidedly more effective nowadays for getting your classes noticed.

      • Post adverts on Craigslist and Yahoo!Local.
      • List your tuition center on Google My Business.
      • Create a profile with MillionCenters, which connects students and tutors.
      • Create a website to build a strong online presence.
      • Join discussions about online teaching in social media groups (particularly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn), which will help new students to easily find you.
      • Creating teaching-related content on YouTube or another video app is another great way to promote your services if you feel comfortable in front of the camera!
      An infographic containing a guide on advertising online math classes

      Creating an online tutoring website

      Creating an online tutoring website is relatively simple. If you have some basic CSS and HTML knowledge, you can do it yourself or, alternatively, you can hire a professional web designer.

      A teacher's hand writing on the chalkboard

      Plenty of websites allow you to create a website for free. Many online tutors use WordPress for their websites, where they can use solutions such as LearnDash, that allow users to create courses and add modules and content in pdf and other formats.

      If you are not confident enough in your ability to build a professional-looking website, a web designer can do it for you, including getting you a domain name and hosting.

      However you choose to build your website, it is a must-have in order for potential students to find out about you at the click of a button.

      Getting math students online

      There are plenty of platforms that connect students to tutors. The online teaching platforms that you sign up with as a tutor are an easy way to connect with students looking to improve their math skills.

      You should create an eye-catching profile, describing what makes you stand out and why students should choose you as their tutor. Blogging is another great way to get math students online. When you write well-researched posts on topics related to your field, each article is a potential entry-point through search engines.

      Attracting foreign students

      To attract more foreign students, free classified ads (e.g. on Craigslist) and social media are your best bets. Being active on social media allows you to connect to new audiences and introduce them to your brand. SEO-Optimization can also be useful in targeting foreign students if you are using the right phrases and keyword combinations on your website and in your blog posts.

      Grow your math tuition business!

      There are various methods that you can use to grow your math tuition business.

      • Getting new students through successful advertising (be it physical, such as supermarket window flyers or targeted ads online) is key.
      • Referrals can also be very powerful for tutors, as students prefer working with “tried and tested” professionals to strangers.
      • Delivering a good quality of lessons is the best way to ensure business growth, as it makes your students more likely to recommend you to their peers.
      • A good strategy is to always offer your first session free, which builds trust with customers.
      • Once you are confident in your tutoring abilities, you may try increasing your hourly rate to secure an increased income.

      The best online tutoring companies to work for

      There are many different online tutoring companies that you can choose to work for. For math tutor jobs online, check out Eurekly, TutorMe, VIPKid, and Revolution Prep.

      Online tutoring platforms that are popular among learners

      Some of the online tutoring platforms that are most popular among learners include Eurekly, Skooli, Udemy, and Wyzant.

      • Eurekly is an all-in-one live tutoring platform, popular with learners as it fits learning into their own lives.
      • Skooli is a platform that provides a personalized solution designed to fit any student’s needs.
      • Udemy, on the other hand, is aimed at professionals and counts 24 million students worldwide.
      • Wyzant has over 300 subjects on offer and over 80,000 trusted instructors, making it another very popular choice for learners.

      The advantages of tutoring at Eurekly

      Tutoring at Eurekly is an excellent choice, as the key to its effectiveness is that it makes great tutor-student matches, based on interests, style, and personality. Eurekly offers the flexibility of schedule and income, allowing tutors to make up to $8,000 a month for full-time work. The service fees at Eurekly are only 20%, which guarantees good earnings for tutors that they can withdraw immediately, any time after their lessons.

      Give it a try!

      Whether you are a teacher, college student or industry professional, tutoring math online can be very lucrative. If you have good communication skills that allow you to impart knowledge in an effective and meaningful way, online math tutoring jobs can be a great way to make money from home on your own schedule.

      Before starting to work as an online math tutor, it is important to research your competition thoroughly and find the online teaching platform that best suits your needs and teaching style. A combination of good math knowledge, IT proficiency, and a natural aptitude for communication with students are the skills you need to make you stand out in this highly competitive growing field. Happy tutoring!