9 Steps to Create The Perfect Teacher Introduction Video

9 Steps to creating good teacher intro videos
How to Record the Perfect Teacher Intro Video

In the world of online teaching, it is important to make your teacher profile stand out. One of the most powerful ways to make yourself appealing to potential students is to post a video introduction of yourself. Having an introduction video on your profile creates a more personal connection right away and it is a great way to build rapport with students looking for a teacher.

An introduction video provides a preview of your unique characteristics and what it’ll be like to work with you. Students are attracted to teachers who are easy to speak with and are passionate about their subject. Videos enable you to quickly build a bond that can set the stage for that perfect teacher-student match.

Here are 9 steps to create a captivating introduction video:

  1. Plan out what you want to say, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine.

A great script is essential to a great video. Your script should introduce you to prospective students and convey your objective, professional experience, and most marketable skills. Communicate these points in less than a minute, 30 seconds or less is best.

Tips To Create The Perfect Teacher Video
Tips To Create The Perfect Teacher Video

Here are some points to include in your script:

    • Your name
    • Where you are from
    • What subjects you teach ( If you are a language teacher you might say a few words in the language you are teaching)
    • Your teaching experience
    • Why you love teaching
  • In conclusion offer a Call to Action: “Book a lesson”. “Try a Fresh Trial lesson”

Please make sure not to provide personal contact info or promote or advertise other services in your video. If using media or music make sure it is royalty free.

  1. Use a digital camera,  your smartphone, or the webcam on your computer to film. Shoot in high definition or 1080p to ensure the video quality is good. If using a phone make sure it is placed horizontally to record full width.

    Tips To Create The Perfect Teacher Video
  2. Make sure you shoot in good light. Along with a great script, good lighting is one of the most important components to creating a stellar video.

We recommend filming indoors in a well-lit room with plenty of light in front of you or to the side of you. Natural light is fine. Make sure you don’t have strong light behind you. If there’s lighting above you, make sure it doesn’t cast shadows on your face. A tabletop lamp can help offset any shadows. 

  1. Clear away tabletop and background clutter. The focus of the video should be you, not the things around you. Also, make sure you’re in a quiet place (e.g., no children at play, electric fans, etc.) because your mic will pick up the sounds and make your video hard to watch. 

    Tips To Create The Perfect Teacher Video
  2. Frame your video.

Now that you have your camera, lighting, and background ready, it’s time to frame the shot. Place the camera so you’ll be slightly off-center in the frame. It may sound counterintuitive, but it’ll better capture the viewer’s attention when you’re standing slightly to the left or right of center. Also, shoot from the waist up and make sure your face and hand gestures are visible as you talk in the video. 

Tips To Create The Perfect Teacher Video
  1. Light, camera, action: Have fun!

Before you start recording, make sure you are looking presentable. We recommend that you dress neatly in work-appropriate attire. Once the camera starts rolling, be yourself, have fun, smile and speak clearly. You want your students to can get a sense of who you are and how you can help them.

  1. Review your video.

Sometimes getting the perfect introduction video takes a few tries. Before sharing your video check the following:

    • Did you speak clearly and not to fast?
    • Is the sound and volume good?
    • Can the viewer see your face clearly?
    • Is the background clear? No clutter, other people or distractions in it.
    • If someone recording you, is the shot steady and not shaky?
  • Did you smile?
  1. Upload your video to YouTube.

    Tips To Create The Perfect Teacher Video

To upload your video from a computer, follow these steps:

    • Go to YouTube and sign in or create an account if you don’t have one.
    • Click the “Upload” button at the top right of the page.
    • Select “Unlisted” from the drop-down menu.
    • Select the video from your computer.
    • Change the title of your video to “Your Full Name – Introduction.”
    • On the “Advanced” settings tab, make sure “Allow Embedding” is checked.
    • Click “Done” to finish.
  • On the next page, copy the link to your video.

To upload a video from a smartphone, visit YouTube’s help article.

  1. Add the video link from YouTube to your Eurekly Profile. Yay! Your perfect intro video is complete!

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