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      In recent years, more and more students have opted to find a tutor in an effort to gain a competitive edge in their education. Instead of enrolling children in expensive schools, parents are seeing the advantages of hiring a private tutor. After all, they are beneficial for a wide range of situations, including helping average students improve their grades, providing remedial support, enabling gifted students to enrich their abilities, and assisting high school students in reviewing for their university entrance exams, among others.

      Indeed, opting to find a private tutor offers various advantages. In San Bernardino Valley College alone, students with access to tutoring are more likely to gain academic success and complete college. Here are some of the benefits that a student can get when they find a tutor suitable for their needs:

      • They gain a better understanding of the class material.
      • They can carry themselves with confidence in school and in their personal lives.
      • They can lessen their anxiety and stress.
      • They will find learning fun and easier.
      • They will get motivated to spend more time on extra-curricular activities while making an effort to improve their grades.

      According to research conducted by Technavio, in the US, we can expect the private tutoring market size to grow by USD 5.80 billion from 2018 to 2022. Since there is a strong demand in the market, the number of tutors will also increase dramatically. However, before you start typing ‘tutors near me’ in various search engines, you need to know how to find the person who is qualified to address your child’s needs. In this post, we are going to share some tips on how you can select the ideal tutor who can help your child reach their full potential.

      Get Tutor Information from the School

      One of the best venues that can help you find a tutor is the family resource center at your child’s school. In most cases, this office will have the information you need on how to locate a good tutor through private companies and through the school system. There are also educational institutions that offer after-school study sessions. Students can even access materials and facilities that will help them strengthen their problem areas in their academics.

      You can also check with your child’s school if they have a program in place for enlisting parent volunteers assisting other parents’ children. By choosing this option, you can let your child experience tutoring that is targeted toward the expectations for their specific grade level. The downside to this is that there is not much flexibility in terms of the schedule, venue, and teaching method.

      Consider Getting a Study Buddy

      There are students who are not necessarily having a lot of trouble academically. In some cases, they just need a study buddy who can break down the class materials for them. This peer tutor can be someone in the same class who has mastered the topics in the syllabus. They will be able to explain the concept to other students while building a supportive relationship with their peers. If you think your child will be more comfortable working with someone close to their age, you can help them organize a study group. You will notice that they will be more involved in the learning process while nurturing their academic and social lives.

      When it comes to peer tutoring, you have to be careful in selecting the students who will study with your child. After all, study groups are only as strong as their weakest link. So, if one student is rowdy or unprepared, it can be challenging for everyone to stay on track.

      Turn to Tutoring Agencies

      There are plenty of agencies offering tutor finder services. These days, you can find a good teacher through radio and television advertisements, as well as various parenting publications. There are also websites where you can type ‘tutors near me’ and you can get connected with teachers with specific skills within your geographical location. The advantage of this channel is that you can gain access to a wealth of tutoring options. You will be able to find a tutor based on your location, budget, and needs. However, you need to be able to work around the schedule of the tutor. After all, they will still need to go to your house to perform their private tutorial services.

      Consult Non-Profit Organizations

      It is also a good idea to check what tutoring and mentoring programs are available in your local university or Junior Achievement branch. There are non-profit organizations that employ students in their training programs. These tutors can be high school students who want to earn extra money or college students who need teaching credits. Often, undergraduate and graduate school students specialize in specific subjects. So, they can be the best tutors when you are looking for assistance in a particular area.

      Enjoy More Benefits with an Online Tutor

      According to an article published in the New York Times, despite the increase in the demand for tutors, most parents are still shopping around for less expensive options. In Manhattan for instance, the reasonable price range for private tutors is around $85 to $150. In some areas, the tutoring fees can rack up to $400 per hour. So, instead of opting for in-home tutors, parents turn to tutoring centers. However, they do not necessarily get enough flexibility in schedule and teaching method in these venues.

      Great Value at an Affordable Price

      It is common for tutors to specialize on a specific area of learning or subject. Many of them have years of knowledge and experience related to teaching. Depending on the competition in your area, a tutor may charge as much or as little as they like. They are free to rack up their fees when there is a high demand for tutors. On the other hand, when you look for a tutor online, you will discover that the rates are quite flexible. These teachers tend to keep their prices competitive. As such, you can rest easy knowing that you will get a great value for your money.

      Guaranteed Service

      Whenever you make business transactions, it is essential that you have the security of recompense in case you are not satisfied with the service or product. When you turn to an online tutoring company, you will feel at ease knowing that issues and complaints will be addressed reasonably and accordingly. Reputable online tutorial businesses like Eurekly are confident enough with their services that they do not require customers to make long-term commitments. There are a large number of tutors who offer a free trial lesson, allowing you to determine if they are the right fit for your needs. Moreover, if you are unsatisfied with the service, online tutoring companies will provide you with a refund.

      It is true that face-to-face tutoring is an effective practice. That said, the logistics and expenses can be challenging for many parents. It can be difficult to coordinate schedules and find a tutor with a matching personality to the child. These days, most students have computers and access to the Internet. As such, they can easily connect with an online tutor in any core subject as often as necessary. Since the options are flexible, tutor finder services on the web have become more appealing to students around the world.

      On the other hand, we should not ignore the fact that many people still find challenges in locating a private tutor via the Internet. For instance, some students feel that there is no personal connection when they communicate with their tutor through their computer. However, it is good to know that there are plenty of tutors online who are adept at motivating, encouraging, and empathizing with students.


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