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      Dear learners of Spanish as a foreign language!

      Eurekly’s experienced Spanish tutors have created this section to help you learn this beautiful language. Grammar rules easily explained and illustrated with typical examples will be posted regularly here. Follow the Eurekly blog to get our new materials on Spanish grammar as soon as they get published! And don’t forget to download your bonus PDF files!

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      Cheat Sheet #1. PERO vs. SINO

      NB: PERO is used to join two phrases or sentences which carry different meanings but do not exclude each other. The second phrase or sentence adds more information to the first one.


      Me gustan mucho los tomates,
      PERO los pepinos me gustan más.

      NB: SINO is used to join a negation with another phrase or sentence. The second part provides the right information which has not been specified in the first part.


      No me gustan los tomates,
      SINO los pepinos.

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