Four career paths that no one knew about 10 years ago

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      A lot of the time, the straight and narrow way to do life (aka University) seems like it’ll end in an office doing a mundane job with boring people…right? Luckily, it’s not the case at all these days. As generations become more aware of the world around them, university degrees are starting to more and more reflect the need for change and innovation. The array of exciting new university degrees and careers on offer these days might just make your career choice easier – and a whole lot more appealing! Have a look at the latest and greatest in careers.

      1. Environmental Engineering and Geophysics

      Windmills representing environmental engineering and geophysics

      If you’re a bit of a ‘greenie’ who’s all about saving the planet, one of these career path could be right up your alley. We all know that fuel is a big topic of tension these days, and we’re starting to rely on Environmental Engineers to create new fuel sources – wind, solar, biofuels – and create solutions for safer atomic fission. Geophysics is another cool arm of this career path, focusing on understanding how the earth produces natural energy resources.

      How do you know if Environmental Engineering and Geophysics is something you should study?

      These fields let you use that science brain and also get your hands dirty – while saving the world! What more could you ask for? Anyone who’s into learning about the earth and science and loves solving problems could make the perfect Geophysicist or Enviro-engineer.

      2. Biotechnology

      Person who is wearing a medical glove holding a petri dish performing an experiment

      Biotechnology sounded like a freaky Frankenstein kind of job until recently, when we’re starting to understand the biotechnologists are helping solve the world’s most pressing problems and most advanced innovations in healthcare and nutrition in particular. It’s all about using a biological process for technological advancement.

      How do you know if Biotechnology is the right career for you?

      This field of work is perfect for anyone who has a shared curiosity of biology, engineering and computer science – because it’s a marriage of all three!

      3. Financial Engineering

      Two office employees with two laptops discussing about finance

      We all used to thing ‘people who build bridges’ when people said the word ‘engineer’. These days, there’s a kind of ‘engineer’ for almost everything – including finance! Financial engineers are also called a ‘quant’ and they’re becoming integral to the financial world. This is great news for people who were scared to enter the notoriously tedious world of finance – this one job is pretty exciting and still very math-sy! Being a quant is all about assessing market risk and predicting future sources of revenue.

      How do you know if Financial Engineering is something you’d like?

      Becoming qualified to be a financial engineer includes having a background in computer science, finance and economics. Think the excitement of the movie ‘21’ – but less casinos.

      4. Distance learning

      Woman smiling at her laptop because of her online classes

      No joke – online learning is where education is going! We’re seeing a trend of adult online learning – learners who balance families, jobs and study. Becoming skilled at teaching and managing curriculum remotely however, requires a certain amount of IT know-how and management skills that the new generations of teachers and educators will have to learn.

      How do you know if distance education is something you could do?

      If you’ve ever dreamed of being a teacher – then boom! Imagine doing that dream teaching job, but from anywhere in the world. Literally anywhere. A degree in education, curriculum or adult education is perfect if this sounds like the lifestyle for you.

      Remember, whatever you decide to study – or even if you decide that University isn’t for you, you’ll always find a tutor at Eurekly who can help with teaching you the skills you need to get where you’re going in your career.


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