20 inspirational quotes about teaching

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Dear teachers and teachers-to-be! Let these wonderful quotes bring you some inspiration for your work! Your colleagues from the Eurekly team wish you to enjoy your work with your learners and to gain incredible success in your career!

Dear learners! We hope that these wise sayings will help you understand that your teachers’ work is beyond price. Love your teachers, respect them, be thankful to them and remember them all your life long!

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11 Reasons Why Learning German Is Easy for English Speakers + Lifehacks & FREE Cheat Sheets!

The German language has a worldwide reputation for being extremely difficult to learn. However, there are thousands of German learners all over the globe who have somehow managed to master this incredibly complicated language – maybe, because they didn’t let others mislead them and didn’t believe all the mysterious myths surrounding German?

Though German does have some tricky grammar aspects (and what language hasn’t?), it also has many simple rules that you can remember in a minute! Let’s have a look at what’s easy about German grammar. Discover the topics that are the easiest to master and get inspired to learn this wonderful and astonishingly logical language! Remember to download our FREE cheat sheets – just click the links at the end of the article.

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9 Valuable Skills One Can Learn Online

If you understand the modern-day tendencies and accumulate the right skills, the world will truly be your oyster. At the same time, choosing one’s path is a difficult task and sometimes every single one of us will make mistakes and lose precious time trying this and that and doing things leading to… actually nowhere.

But here is the good news. We live in the golden age of technology, which allows us to acquire new knowledge and skills easily and quickly as never before. Now, when the digital wave is sweeping the world, anyone with Internet access can learn practically anything.

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Shocking Predictions for the Future of Online Education

Online education, otherwise referred to as smart education or eLearning, is the delivery of learning or training through digital resources.

Ranging from university self-paced independent study courses and seminars to interactive tutor-led lessons, (such as the ones offered by eurekly!) and corporate employee training, it is rapidly becoming one of the fastest-growing industries in our economy.

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Online Tutoring For Kids: Your Ultimate Guide

Teachers, tutors, and parents of school-aged kids are no strangers to tuition and the growing hype around its newest form: online tutoring. But what are the benefits of online tutoring for kids, and how does it work? As the competition for places at leading schools and universities intensifies, the number of parents supplementing their children’s education with tutoring grows every year.

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How To Learn Math Fast: Smart Study Tips For Students

Math can be a polarizing subject: the rigid formulas and complex problem-solving of mathematics are loved by some and loathed by others. But whether you love it or hate it, everyone needs to learn math at some point. And while there may not be an easy way to learn maths, there are a range of strategies and techniques that can help students understand it faster.

Before we get into the ‘how’, let’s cover the ‘why’.

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Four career paths that no one knew about 10 years ago

A lot of the time, the straight and narrow way to do life (aka University) seems like it’ll end in an office doing a mundane job with boring people…right? Luckily, it’s not the case at all these days. As generations become more aware of the world around them, university degrees are starting to more and more reflect the need for change and innovation. The array of exciting new university degrees and careers on offer these days might just make your career choice easier – and a whole lot more appealing! Have a look at the latest and greatest in careers.

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