5 Reasons To Start Pursuing A Hobby Today

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      5 Reasons To Start Pursuing A Hobby Today

      Are you overwhelmed? Stressed out? Consumed with work, school, kids, the demands of daily life? In our crazy turbo sped frenetic lives, how do you find balance and mental health? The answer might surprise you…  Take up a hobby!

      “What?! Who has the time? Hobbies are frivolous and a time suck,” you might object. But research shows that people who actively engage in hobbies are happier, healthier and more productive.

      So put away the Netflix, Facebook and all the daily habits that make you feel busy and start using your precious moments wisely.

      Here are 5 great reasons to help inspire you to start pursuing a hobby today.

      1. Hobbies Make You Zen (Reduce Stress)

      Hobbies promote “Flow.”  Have you ever lost yourself in playing an instrument, or a doing an art project or other absorbing activity? If you have, then you’ve experienced “flow.” Most hobbies engage our minds and bodies actively, whereas watching TV and web surfing are passive activities that don’t distract our critical busy minds. When we are in the “flow” our actively stressed out mind turns off. Time flies, self-consciousness disappears and we experience in this immersive flow state: peace of mind. Think of it as a healthy and healing mini-break from the stress of your daily life.

      2.  Hobbies Can Lead To New And Meaningful Social Connections.

      While some hobbies are solitary endeavors, many get us off the couch and into our communities, meeting people we otherwise may not have. Sharing our passions, and knowledge can lead to especially deep and meaningful bonds with other people. Countless studies have found that social connection is a key component of happiness and a meaningful life, and hobbies have the ability to generate these important relationships.

      3. Hobbies Actually Help You Manage Time Better.

      According to Parkinson’s law, “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” Or simply: things take as much time as you have. We all know the saying” Give the Job to the Busy Person.”  It’s true, people who are in the habit of actively getting things done to do more and are more efficient.

      Next time the weekend or night stretches out before you and you find yourself stressing over nonessential work or home projects try practicing a musical instrument or drawing or engaging in the hobby of your choice. The structure of having time slots allocated to mentally enriching activities will calm you and make you more efficient.

      1. Hobbies Boost Self Esteem

      The more effort and time we spend doing something new and learning a skill the better we become. Whether it is learning a new language or playing an instrument, we all know that “practice makes perfect” or certainly makes way for distinct improvement. The better we become at something the more we start to feel self-pride. In return, this new source of self-pride boosts self-esteem and our overall sense of greater purpose.

      Hobbies unquestionably add meaningful layers to our identities and a richness to our sense of self. You will not only feel better about yourself and more inspired when you pursue hobbies actively, but your new grounded sense of self and purpose will help to inspire others as well.

      1. Hobbies Make You Happier

      Having a hobby is like having a trusty pet or an attentive lover – no matter the stresses of life, work dissatisfactions, or replays of internal negative tapes your hobby is there to draw your attention, love and focus. Hobbies simply make your days more enjoyable. When we engage with hobbies we care about, we release negatively and build in its place confidence and a sense of purpose. This pursuit of focused leisure “me” time is essential to helping us develop a healthy balanced life. It boils down simply to our innate joy-of-learning new things. Hobbies not only entice us into gaining new skills and knowledge but into fulfilling our potential as human beings.

      Whatever your hobby of choice, don’t wait to start enjoying the benefits. At Eurekly, we have your perfect tutor ready to help you start. Dive in today and learn that new language or musical instrument or whatever calls out to you, and start reaping the benefits of a more meaningful happier life.


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