3 Reasons why Summer is the best time to learn.

Believe it or not, summer is the perfect time to learn something new!

‘But summer is for chilling out!’, you say. That’s exactly why it’s the perfect time to focus your brain on a fun new skill. The best thing is that, thanks to Eurekly’s online tutoring, you can be learning wherever you’re holidaying this summer.

Still not convinced you should be flexing that brain right now? Here’s a few reasons why…

Reason One:

A fresh place makes for a happy brain


In summer, we’re all over the place – the season is exciting, new and refreshing. That environment right there is exactly what makes your brain feel motivated to take in brand new information. So, make the most of it. With our international online tutors you can be learning at the beach, poolside… or wherever you’ve got an internet connection!

Reason Two:

Learning loves a mind with no to-do list


You heard it here first clever people – it’s not your fault you can’t remember stuff! You may have heard people booing multitasking lately and for a good reason too. Multitasking sounds like it’s awesome, but it means you’re not giving anything your full attention. Without full attention, your poor brain doesn’t file and store information properly – in fact it throws most of it out the window. The good news? When you’re indulging in the bliss that is holiday mode, that to-do list is short, and your mind is ready to dive into something with full concentration!

Reason Three:

So many hours and you only need one!


Now that you’re not stuck in an office or a classroom for eight hours a day, you’ve got time galore to sunbathe and exercise your brain with something you’ve always wanted to try. It’s proven that short bursts of learning are the best way to retain information, so take that in your stride and learn at top-speed by just doing an hour every now and then while you’ve got the extra minutes. Easy.

So, how do you start doing this awesome summer learning thing?

It’s easy with Eurekly. We’ve got world-class tutors from all over the world waiting to teach you everything they know. All you need to do is sign up at, pick a subject that takes your fancy, and a tutor you like the sound of. From there you can book a class at a time that suits you, then sit back in the sun and get excited to learn.

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