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      The most popular instrument of all time

      Even though the music industry and trends are always evolving, the popularity of the guitar remains constant. The guitar is the central feature in many musical genres, from country to rock and heavy metal and it is an instrument known for being particularly versatile.

      Its affordability and portability, combined with its iconic status as the instrument of choice for many rock legends, make it not only the most popular instrument of all time but also the one first-time music learners tend to choose. If you are wondering “are guitar lessons worth it”, read on to learn all about online guitar lessons for kids.

      Little girl playing the guitar in front of her laptop

      A brief history of the guitar: when did it become popular?

      The guitar originates from Spain, where it was invented by the people of Malaga early in the 16th century. It grew in popularity during the 17th century when several virtuoso guitarists became known in Europe.

      However, it can be argued that it was the invention of amplification and the electric guitar in the 1930s and its use in jazz that changed the course of pop music history.

      The 3 main types of guitar

      There are three main guitar types:

      • Acoustic: An acoustic guitar is a traditional, unamplified guitar with six steel or nylon strings.
      • Electric: An electric guitar is a guitar that requires external amplification, converting the vibration of its strings into electrical signals which are reproduced as sound.
      • Bass: The bass guitar is a low-pitched electric type of guitar, which typically has a long neck and four to six strings.

      The best guitar for kids

      Every child has different preferences and needs, but, as a rule, experts recommend that kids start playing using an acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitars weigh less than electric guitars that also tend to have sharp steel strings that may be difficult for children’s delicate fingers to handle.

      Online guitar lessons for kids

      Online guitar lessons for kids: how do they work and are they worth it?

      With distance learning becoming the new norm, it should not come as a surprise that learning the guitar online is possible. The best way to learn guitar online is to take a lesson.

      There are many experts offering affordable classes, from classical guitar lessons online to electric guitar. These lessons involve live video sessions, as well as access to pre-recorded materials that students can use in their own time to learn guitar online and practice.

      Taking online guitar lessons only requires a guitar, internet connection, and a webcam, which makes it great for children with busy parents that would otherwise have to drive them to and from their music classes.

      The best age for kids to start taking guitar lessons online

      When determining the age at which a kid should start taking guitar lessons, it is important for parents to take into consideration the factors of their children’s size, physical strength, and finger dexterity.

      It is typically recommended starting guitar around age six when a child is big enough to handle the neck of a guitar and has stronger hands.

      The best guitar for a child to learn on

      It is recommended for children to learn to play on an acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitars come in small sizes which makes them easy to hold. Moreover, acoustic guitars’ narrow necks allow children’s small hands to play them easily, meaning students can concentrate all their efforts on learning.

      Guitar sizing for kids of different ages

      When buying a guitar for a child, it is crucial to take their weight and height into consideration.

      For very young children, aged between 2 and 5, it is recommended to get a classic guitar which comes in the smallest size (1/4 size).

      Children aged between 5 and 12 can use either lightweight acoustic or slightly heavier electric guitars, which are available in different sizes for individuals based on their height and weight.

      The advantages of taking guitar lessons for kids online (+INFOGRAPHIC)

      An infographic enlisting 10 advantages of online guitar lessons for kids

      1. Playing the guitar that you are accustomed to

      Offline guitar lessons: Playing the teacher’s instrument

      It is most common for offline guitar learners to use their teacher’s instrument during class. This can be convenient if a student has a heavy guitar at home that they do not want to carry or if they do not have one because they have just started playing and do not know if they want to fully commit yet.

      Online guitar lessons: The advantages of playing on your own guitar

      When children learn to play the guitar online, they use their own instrument. Since every guitar is different in terms of the strings’ quality, neck width, and other features, to produce the best results and learn most comfortably it is preferable to use your own guitar with which you can practice daily.

      2. No need to transport the heavy instrument

      The weight of a typical guitar

      The average weight of an acoustic guitar is between 2.5 and 5 pounds. Electric guitars weigh between 6 and 12 pounds.

      Carrying a heavy guitar: the risks for children

      Learning guitar offline is a challenge for young children who have to carry an instrument that is often bigger than them to and from lessons. This is not only inconvenient but also poses a risk for children’s developing bodies.

      As children grow, their bodies are constantly developing and their skeletons can get damaged from the weight of a heavy guitar. This can cause poor posture, spine deformity, as well as back, neck, and shoulder pain.

      3. A wide selection of qualified tutors

      Choosing a guitar tutor: Online vs. offline

      If you are still wondering “are online guitar lessons good”, rest assured that they are your best choice for finding the right teacher. Opting for online guitar lessons means that you are not geographically limited and, therefore, it allows you to find the right teacher for your needs.

      While offline you are restricted to musicians in your neighborhood or within driving distance, online you have many more options and you can watch videos of potential teachers playing music to decide who best suits your kid’s learning style.

      Guitar teachers on Eurekly

      At Eurekly, we have gathered some of the highest-qualified experts from diverse backgrounds to provide you with the best online guitar lessons. Check them out:

      • Jonathan, from the USA, is very passionate about both playing the guitar and teaching it. With his positive can-do attitude, he hopes to enrich the lives of others through the healing power of music.
      • Stas, from Russia, has a diploma in classical guitar performance and has been teaching music for over 10 years, always focusing on finding the right approach for each student.
      • Himanshu, from India, is a postgrad student who enjoys playing and teaching the guitar. He encourages being creative with learning and having an open mindset while pushing his students to dream big.
      • KD, from the USA, is a rocker at heart who has been playing rock and roll his whole life, performing locally in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. He writes acoustic originals that he describes as a cross between fingerpicking and rock and roll licks.
      Young man sitting in front of a digital camera and holding a guitar

      4. Saving your time

      Perhaps the biggest advantage of online lessons for parents is the time that it saves them. Online lessons mean no more driving your kids to classes, waiting and driving back home, and no more difficulties organizing your schedule. Online learning can be very helpful for people who are juggling many commitments.

      5. Saving your money

      The prices of guitar lessons for kids

      The prices of guitar lessons for kids depend on factors such as the lesson duration and the teacher’s skill level. Lesson prices can range from $18 to $75 per hour for the highest quality of the lesson, with the average online lesson estimated at $25 per hour. The minimum for offline lessons is $30 per hour.

      Online vs. offline lessons: what is cheaper?

      Online learning is cheaper than traditional learning, which makes it a more attractive option for parents of prospective students. Not only do the online lessons themselves cost less but learning from one’s own home saves people the extra costs associated with commuting. Many online teachers also offer discounts for booking a bulk number of lessons.

      6. Recording your child’s lessons

      Online lessons can be recorded and re-watched later by the students at their convenience, something which offline music teachers do not offer.

      The benefits of recording online guitar classes

      Recording your online guitar classes means you get more value for your money. Children can watch lessons over and over until they perfect their weak points and master the skill.

      7. Parents’ presence

      Offline, it is very common to see parents attending their kids’ guitar lessons. This is most usually due to logistical reasons, such as that they need to drive their kids there and back, or because they want to ensure they are safe with another adult.

      The benefits of online guitar lessons for parents

      Online kids’ guitar classes eliminate the need for parents’ constant presence during lessons. While parents can stay and monitor their children if they wish to do so, online teachers have experience in working with children and knowing how to keep online students’ attention. This allows parents to free up some time in their own schedule while entrusting cream-of-the-crop teachers with their children.

      8. Reduced lesson cancellation

      Common reasons for lesson cancellation by learners

      There are many reasons why students cancel offline classes. These can include illness and doctor’s appointments, but can even be less serious, such as attending a social commitment, traffic, a scheduling clash, or a vacation.

      Common reasons for lesson cancellation by tutors

      Tutors can also be the ones to cancel lessons, although this is rarer, as they are dependent on the income from teaching. Teachers will normally only disrupt lessons for major and inevitable issues and try to give as much advance notice to students as possible.

      Young male guitar tutor teaching a girl to play the guitar
      The effect of frequent lesson cancellation on learner performance

      Frequent lesson cancellation disrupts learner performance and can cause distress. Tutors plan their work based on the assumption of conducting regular classes and, if those are missed, it becomes harder for the teacher to monitor a student’s progress and for students to catch up. Having regular classes gives one a sense of control and self-sufficiency, which is crucial for learner performance.

      Canceling online lessons

      Unsurprisingly, cancellations are not as frequent when it comes to online lessons. Online lessons eliminate unpredictable factors (such as getting stuck in traffic, for example), and being able to take them with minimal effort means that they offer students maximum flexibility in terms of scheduling.

      9. Flexible schedule

      The importance of a flexible schedule for music classes

      A flexible environment has been found to improve learning and increase student engagement. This is particularly important when it comes to music classes, which are not part of an official school curriculum and are taken optionally, as a hobby.

      When children are relaxed and keen to participate in lessons, a positive learning experience is guaranteed and they are less likely to develop resentments about learning.

      10. Enhanced opportunities for physically challenged children

      There are many benefits of music for children with special needs, which have been long studied and written about. Online guitar classes can provide the opportunity for physically challenged children to be creative and playing guitar can be used as a form of therapy. There are special lessons online which are designed to meet disabled children’s needs for audio, visual, and kinaesthetic learning.

      Give it a try!

      To summarize, there are many advantages of online guitar lessons for kids.

      Online guitar lessons are not constrained by geography, meaning that parents can choose a teacher for their kids from a wide variety of qualified instructors from all over the world.

      Lessons take place from the comfort of a kid’s home and involve no commuting, no carrying heavy instruments, no need for the parents’ presence, while also being characterized by their convenience in terms of scheduling and cancellation.

      Online guitar lessons are also affordable and give parents the most value for their money, as they can be recorded and re-watched until their children, of any age and ability, have mastered the skill.

      Eurekly: the best choice for online guitar lessons for kids

      For the best guitar lessons online, choose Eurekly. With Eurekly, you can learn from the comfort of your home with affordable online tutoring. Choose from a variety of expert tutors from different backgrounds who will tailor a learning program to your goals and learning style. We invite you to start with a free trial lesson for your kid today and see for yourself!


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