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Learning Piano as an Adult: 11 Myths Unveiled

Not as black as it is painted? Do you want to know how to learn the piano? Interested in taking piano lessons but not quite sure if you should? Despite being difficult to learn, playing the piano is popular with many adults. You might have heard that it is an instrument only to be taken up in childhood. Or that adults cannot learn successfully after a certain age. But these are misleading stereotypes that we will break one by one! If you are an adult looking to pick up this timeless hobby and learn piano from scratch, this article is for you. We will look at: why age doesn’t matter when it comes to learning an instrument; why you don’t need to know music theory to learn the piano; how you can learn to play the pianoRead more

Learn How to Draw Anime: 12 Outstanding Online Resources for Amateur Artists

Do you want to learn to draw anime? We can’t blame you! It is a hobby that is rapidly growing in popularity worldwide. Yet, the fact that it is popular doesn’t make it easy. Don’t worry though! We are here to provide you with the most outstanding online resources so that you can start drawing anime like a Japanese master from the comfort of your home. In this article, we will talk about: the features of anime and its peculiarities; the best online resources for helping you to start drawing anime; how an online teacher can help you achieve your drawing goals. Before getting into learning to draw anime, let’s start with some interesting facts about this art genre: The word “anime” actually refers to Japanese hand-drawn or computer animation. It is the term “manga” that means comics. However, when “anime” is used outside of Japan, it denotes cartooning. Anime characters’ hair colors have a symbolic meaning and give a clue as to their personality. Manga strips are supposed to be read from left to right, as is standard in the Japanese language. It is due to anime’s popularity in the Western world that they are now oftenRead more

​17 Weighty Reasons Why Learning Latin Is a Must for Interpreters

Is learning a dead language worth it? Why would you learn Latin? After all, it is a dead language. By definition, it is no longer in use. Indeed, learning a dead language might seem pointless at first. Until you realize all the benefits that come with it! From helping you to understand history better to aiding you with your learning of other languages, we will explain why learning Latin is worth it – especially for those who want to work as professional interpreters. We will tell you how studying Latin can: broaden your horizons, improve your linguistic abilities overall, and even benefit yourRead more

IELTS General Training: 26 Smart Tips to Boost Your Grades

The IELTS anxiety Are you interested in IELTS preparation online? Wondering how to prepare for IELTS most effectively? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we will explain what the IELTS test is and share tips for passing it with flying colors! Read on to find out: how to study for IELTS best how to learn EnglishRead more

12 Tips to Learn Cantonese: How to Overcome the Language Barrier and Become a Fluent Speaker (+INFOGRAPHIC)

A note to Cantonese learners Many people who learn Cantonese can’t speak fluently despite having very high grammar test scores. This happens even if they speak Mandarin or another dialect. People tend to find Cantonese difficult because it is a tonal language. This can be challenging for English speakers. But you can overcome this! Do you want to learn how to speak Cantonese but are unsure of how to go about it? It is possible to master. And it is totally worth the effort! Below we will reveal: why you should learn Cantonese the best methods for learning Cantonese how to start learning Cantonese online Cantonese is the official language of Hong Kong and Macau. It is also used in the Guangdong and Guangxi provinces of Southern China and by many Chinese communities around the world. While in recent years the number of people who speak Mandarin (the official state language of China) living around the world has increased, speakers of Cantonese globally amount to over 60 million. Now, let’sRead more

20 Fun Ways to Learn Auslan Sign Language at Home (+INFOGRAPHIC)

What is Auslan? Who needs to learn Auslan sign language and what does this name actually stand for? Auslan is short for “Australian sign language”. This is a language developed by and for deaf or hearing-impaired Australians. It uses hand, arm, body movements, and facial expressions to deliver messages. It is specific to and only used inRead more

GMAT Preparation Online: 20 Smart Self-Study Tips to Get the Maximum Score (+INFOGRAPHIC)

GMAT preparation – a continuous struggle Looking to get into an MBA program? Then you will have heard of the GMAT! The GMAT exam requires intensive preparation. That is true. But you can make GMAT prep online easy. How? With our GMAT preparation online tips, of course! We will explain: how to start preparing for the GMAT the structure, format, and questions of the GMAT the skills you need to perform successfully in the GMATRead more

Spanish for Kids: 30 Awesome Homeschooling Tricks to Win Your Child for Español (+INFOGRAPHIC)

Spanish homeschooling: The first steps Are you looking for advice on how to learn Spanish for kids? Today Spanish is more popular than ever. You may have noticed that more and more parents are choosing to teach their kids the Spanish language. It’s true! This is because: Spanish has become an integral part of pop culture, due to successful TV shows, films, and music. Spanish is the third most used language on the Internet. This means there is an abundance of resources for learners online. It is a language that is easy to learn. This is because Spanish is phonetic and it has simpleRead more

40 German Idioms About Money & Work (+INFOGRAPHIC)

The importance of learning idioms Are you trying to learn German online and keep coming across idioms that you don’t understand? Just like in English, there are many idiomatic phrases in German that are regularly used in everyday conversation. However, German idioms are not always taught in German classes and are best picked up by talking to natives. Keep reading to learn all aboutRead more

30 Unusual Ways to Learn English Online (+INFOGRAPHIC)

Lingua franca: a global common language ‘Lingua franca’ refers to a language spoken internationally by many people. Throughout history, there have been many different lingua francas, with Latin being one of the earliest ones. To learn English online, this era’s lingua franca, keepRead more

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