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Biology is one of the most important fields of science, helping us understand the weather, animals and ecosystems. Keeping up with the complex concepts of biology can be hard enough without the challenges of homework and tests. When that lab report is due tomorrow, you need help then and there.

That’s where Eurekly’s online biology tutoring services come in. Homework help is just a click away with our expert biology tutors available on demand.

Whether you’re preparing for a test or just need help with homework, improve and accelerate your learning with biology tutoring on Eurekly.

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High school biology

Grades at school determine the education and career choices a young person has when they graduate. Building confidence in the classroom is essential to helping students cope with stress and perform at their best. When every biology lesson presents new and challenging concepts, many students need a helping hand with study and homework.

At Eurekly, we believe you learn better and faster with a tutor and tailored lessons. Whether it’s after school, on the weekend or hours before your test, our biology tutors are available to help. Some even offer instant tutoring!

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Biology foundations

Scientific method and data analysis
Experiment design
pH, acids and bases
Important molecules for biology
Basic cell structures
Energy and transport
Reproduction and cell division
Basic genetics
Human body systems
Basic ecology
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AP Biology

Our professional tutors are familiar with the AP Biology course. Get help at every stage of study and ace the AP Biology exam with a biology tutoring session on Eurekly.

Biology foundations

Cells and cellular reactions
Genetics and heredity
Molecular biology
Anatomy and physiology

AP Biology lab exercises

Lab 1: Artificial Selection
Lab 2: Mathematical Modeling
Lab 3: Comparing DNA Sequences
Lab 4: Diffusion & Osmosis
Lab 5: Photosynthesis
Lab 6: Cell Respiration
Lab 7: Cell Division: Mitosis & Meiosis
Lab 8: Biotechnology: Bacterial Transformation
Lab 9: Biotechnology: Restriction Enzyme Analysis of DNA
Lab 10: Energy Dynamics
Lab 11: Transpiration
Lab 12: Fruit Fly Behavior
Lab 13: Enzyme Activity

AP Biology lab exercises

Exam preparation
Course review
Practice exercises

Online biology tutoring:
University or college

College biology is full of complex concepts and scientific methods that challenge you think like a professional scientist. Connect with an expert online biology tutor today to perform at your best tomorrow.

Advanced experimental design and quantitative methods
Animal biology
Marine biology and marine ecosystems
Molecular biology
Cell biology
Chemical structure and reactivity
Biological processes
Advanced ecology
Ecosystems and the environment
Earth systems
Plant biology
Population genetics and molecular ecology
Integrative biology
Medicinal chemistry and biology

Biology tutoring resources

Lay the foundations for your biology learning journey or broaden your horizons with these biology tutoring resources.