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Professor Ashish
Professor Ashish
Eurekly tutor
This is the best teaching platform I have ever used! It is a win-win situation for students and the teachers. You must try it!

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Frequenty Asked Questions

There is lots of free content available online. Why bother with a tutor?

It’s never been easier to get access to educational content...and at Eurekly, we think that is AMAZING! But static content and one-size-fits-all courses can never provide the kind of individual assessment, customization of a learning plan, and one-on-one attention that a private tutor provides. Put simply, having a personal tutor is the fastest way to learn nearly any subject or skill.

Your Eurekly tutor will not just provide the ‘facts’, but will help develop learning strategies, confidence, and individual guidance that is invaluable in creating lifelong learning success.

How does online tutoring work?

Online lessons take place in an interactive, digital classroom. They include video, audio, a shared whiteboard, text editor, document sharing, and a chat feature for direct communication between tutors and students. We’ve built everything you need into the Eurekly platform, and are adding new features all of the time!

Why take a lesson online vs in-person?

When you work with a Eurekly tutor, you can access some of the best teachers from across the globe — not just the ones that happen to be in your town. No more driving across town or trying to coordinate the limited availability that local tutor centers may be able to provide. Online sessions provide a safe and secure environment that meets YOUR needs and schedule.

What kind of tutors are on Eurekly?

We work tirelessly to find the best online tutors in the world. From Algebra to Zoology, we are bringing on passionate instructors who love to share their knowledge. You can easily view tutor ratings, see their qualifications, review certifications, and ask them questions directly before taking a lesson to ensure that the tutor you connect with will help you meet your educational goals.

What if things don’t work out?

There are no risks or long-term commitments taking a lesson at Eurekly. Most of our tutors offer a free trial lesson so you can make sure that it is the right fit, and if you are ever unsatisfied, for any reason, we will gladly refund your payment.

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US: Toll Free: 833-EUREKLY (833-387-3559)

UK: +44 2039 661732

New Zealand: +64 9 887 3559


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